We provide the perfect homeowner association for you

Since a few years Snelhuren.nu has been working closely with VvE Office to provide a good and total package to the homeowners.

VvE Office is an independent, experienced, caring and (pro)active owners association (VvE) administrator. They are convinced that good and well-structured discussions (with the VvE and the home owners), allow progress to be made in maintaining the complex and the quality of life and comfort in and around your apartment.

The 7 staff members have more than 20 years of combined experience in managing real estate; they know precisely what you encounter as the home owner: large(r) cumbersome organisations where you are just a number. You pay “management fees” but you have no idea what the organisation does. They do not care about your apartment and, as the owner, you are lucky if someone returns your call every once in a while!!

VvE Office reviews every issue and quickly takes the correct action at the right time!

VvE Office, the professional administrator/manager of your Owners Association (VvE):

  • Knowledgeable, independent and trustworthy
  • Guarantee for continuity
  • Accessible for emergency complaints at all times
  • Solid financial administration
  • Professional technical management

VvE Office provides owners association support in different areas:

  • Administrative management
  • Financial management
  • Technical management
  • Management administration

For further information, please visit www.vveoffice.nl

Call 085-4884784

Or send an e-mail to info@vveoffice.nl

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