Ground Rules

If you would like to rent a home, there are a number of things you must consider. If you rent a home from us, we will fulfil all your preferences and requirements for your new home, no matter what they are!

We need the following in order to process an application:

  • A completed application form

You must bring the following documents with you in order to rent a home:

  • Clearly readable colour copies / copies of a valid identity card or passport, possible
    residence permit (front & back), in accordance with guidelines from the National
    Government. Both of the applicant and possible partner (we do not accept a driver’s license as a form of identification).
  • Excerpt of Population Register (Municipal Basic Administration with address history).
  • If the candidate has already rented a property; landlord statement.
  • If the candidate has had a owner-occupied property; mortgage holder statement of the
    current house.
  • If the property has been sold:
    - Last annual statement from the mortgage lender,
    - First 2 pages of the purchase agreement (sale of owner-occupied house).
  • Divorce settlement agreement (when divorced, due to extra income or expenses).


  • Employer's declaration (no older than 1 month),
  • Copy of last 3 months of pay slips,
  • Copy of bank statement last 3 months of salary deposits,
  • Copy of bank card / debit card of the same account number as bank statement.


  • Proof of registration of the Chamber of Commerce (not older than 1 month),
  • Auditor's reports of the past two years (signed by accountant or accountant),
  • Copy of the final declaration for income tax / corporation tax,
  • Copy of bank statement business account (not older than 1 month) of last 3 months with
    invoices deposit.

Payments before signing the lease:

  • The deposit (this will be returned to you at the end of the rental period, provided the final delivery is considered sufficient by owner).
  • First month rent.
  • If you rent from the 16th of the month, we also ask you a partly rent of the current

Income requirements:

  • Common sustainable households (families and partners)
    Gross monthly income (including holiday allowance) must be at least equal to 3 times
    the rent (rent and service costs).
  • For dual earners, a different income standard applies to the second salary. The second
    income is then included for 75% in the income calculation. These incomes are assessed per
    individual case.
  • House dividers: For residential divisions, they are jointly over a monthly rent (including holiday allowance)
    must be at least equal to 3 times the rent (rent plus service costs)
  • Independent entrepreneurs / temporary employees: For independent entrepreneurs and temporary workers apply different income calculations.
    These are viewed per individual case.
    Temporary employees must submit at least 2 annual tax statements of their employment,
    Phase B.
  • Independent entrepreneurs must submit a recent extract from the commercial register of the
    Chamber of Commerce and submit an accountant's report certified by a recognized
    accountant (at least from the last two annual figures). Balance and extensive loss and profit
  • Self-employed persons must have been in business for at least one year.
  • Deposit: at least 3 months rent up to 6 months rent. This is considered per individual

Please note, when you are selected as our new tenant (s) and we are going to prepare a rental agreement for you, then you will be notified. If you then give your agreement but later cancel the property then you must pay 50%
to 100% of the rental amount (depending on the cancellation period) No Show costs.

Click here to download the registration form!

Do you have any questions? Then call 085-4884785 or send an email to verhuur@cornerstonevastgoed.nl.

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